Berlin is a fascinating, intoxicating city, like a seductress dead set at bewitching. Here, each day, innumerable suns pass on the torch and life-giving light to give rise to innumerable creative projects. Time seems in stasis. Nature has reclaimed ownership of the city with the tormented past. Nothing can stop its inhabitants from expressing their vision of the world - their world. From the city’s walls to clubs’ sound systems, not to mention daily district life, Berlin has this unique atmosphere that rewrites the rules! Every day the people write their story on the blank page of its walls. Berlin is generous and gives back to those who are too. From my balcony in the depths of my zoo, I hear kicks and bass that pierce Berlin’s silence, like a siren’s call I can’t resist, that swallows me, willingly. I’m ready, I’m there already! Landing in the thick of it all, I check my pockets. Empty, except for… a camera. That should do when there’s passion too. LLV